Material Handling , Bin Fill Ready Mix Concrete


Regal Reasons
Regal Graphics

The Handler Regal Material Control
State of the art Material Controllers  

Standard equipment shipped 

  •   1  Multi Media PC (speakers not shown)
  •   1  17" LCD Monitor (optional touch screen)
  •   1  I/O Box with a GE PLC and a full set of manual   lights and switches on the front of the I/O box.
  •   1  Keyboard and optical mouse


Standard Features:

  •   6  Bins overhead on plant, maximum Bins = 12
  •   6 Feed Gates in storage area, Maximum Gates = 64
  •   2 Belts feeding plant, maximum Belts = 5
  •   1  Turn Head, maximum Turn heads =  2 plus a Diverter, diverter can be a 3rd turn head
  •   4  Vibrators, maximum vibrators = 64
  •   1  Watering output for watering materials over belt to plant
  •   Option: A Shuttle Belt(s) may be used on top of plant(s) ($ Option)

Emergency High and Emergency Low Bin monitoring is available.
This controller can feed 2 plants, 1 plant at a time.  


Manual Switch and light Layout
(This Layout Includes the Silo Control Option)

Handler Regal Product Information Downloads

  Regal Brochure with Pictures (pdf)   Regal Feature List (pdf)
  Regal Interface Drawings (pdf)   Plant Layout Drawing (pdf)



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