Material Handling , Bin Fill Ready Mix Concrete



Reasons to install the HANDLER Sierra 1, 2 or 3 Material Controller on your Batch Plant:

  1. Controllers for 2 or 3 plants can have a different background color on the Run screen.
  2. You can turn Error Voice Alert ON or OFF.
  3. There are 3 different voices for announcing errors.
  4. All Inputs and Outputs are assignable.
  5. Each Bin is configurable as a Utility Bin.
  6. Each Bin is configurable to start the fill either on a Low or Not High Bin Level.
  7. Controllers for 2 or 3 plants; all plants operate independently or can use common Storage Gates and Incline Belt/s.
  8. Gates change to another assigned gate, if any, with no material flow or on fill start and no material flow, each Bin is settable.
  9. Auto Skip will Skip a Bin should you run out of material for the gates assigned to that Bin.
10. A Login Name is required to operate the controller for security.
11. Passwords for all screens may be used, if desired.
12. All operations from the run screen and any Edit changes are logged for 1 year; can be printed out; printer not included.
13. Bin to Fill Sequence is settable, 3,2,5,7,6,4,8,1, for each plant.
14. Priority Bin fill assignment (1-99) for each Bin on the plant that is filling.
15. When a Bin Fill Completes, the Bin to fill Sequence can either continue or start over.
16. You can change the product in a Bin from the run screen, if you assigned it as a Utility Bin.
17. The Product is displayed in each Bin and warns if a Gate is of the wrong material in Manual feed from the PC.
18. You may set all High Bin level Devices at a lower level, and then tune the Sierra to fill each Bin correctly. 
19. Belts are interlocked to start in Sequence when operated from the PC, if a belt stops, all feeding belts will stop and close the gates.
20. Gate Linking will tie 2 sets of 2 Gates together; can be turned on or off form the run Screen.
21. Bin Linking, 2 groups of 2 Bins each.
22. The Sierra 2 & 3 has the same amount of features as the Sierra 1, Bins, Belts, and Gates etc.
23. Plants that already have Manual Switches and Lights will not need to buy that option.
24. 16 Assignable Products for plant, each plant.
25. Up to 3 Bins assigned to a Product, each plant.
26. Up to 4 Gates assigned to a Product, each plant.
27. Plant Priority mode for 2 or 3 plant controllers when using the same Incline Belt and Gates.
28. 8 Overhead Bins Maximum, each plant.
29. 3 Belts Maximum, each plant.
30. 1 of the following, each plant:    A Turn Head (360 / reversible) or A Shuttle Belt with 1 or 2 Flop gates.
31. 8 Storage Gates, option to expand to 24 Gates Maximum, each plant.
32. Storage Gate closed limit switch input monitoring for each gate.
33. 4 Manual and Automatic Vibrators each plant, are controlled when Sand is feeding.
34. 8 Emergency High Bin level Input monitoring, each plant.
35. 8 High Bin level Input monitoring, each plant.
36. 8 Low Bin level Input monitoring, each plant, any Bin can use this as an Emergency Low fill.
37. 8 Turn Head or Shuttle Belt position monitoring, each plant.
38. 4 Belt running inputs each plant, each belt can monitor for:

1. A contact closure from a motor starter or a zero speed switch
2. A pulse from a Proximity switch on the belt tail pulley, 5 pps max
3. 1 of the Belts can monitor for a percentage of RPM by a pulse from
a Proximity Switch on the belt tail pulley, 2 pulses per rev. and
displays on the run screen.
39. Belt Product Flow Monitoring.
40. 4 Gates assigned to all overhead Bins
41. A Belt Water spray bar is controlled when Rock is feeding, each plant.
42. 4 Misc. Switches on the run screen, can either be a toggle or momentary Switch.
43. The Sierra will fill the plant in automatic mode for 1 fill cycle, each time the Remote Auto switch is keyed on the manual panel, should the PC go down, as long as the PLC is running.
44. Illegal Gate open monitoring and interlocks to stop belts as needed.
45. Cement Silo HIGH and LOW display for up to 4 Silo's on the main run screen (Optional).
46. The Manual Switches and Light option now has plugs and receptacles and are replaceable, if needed, without any soldering
47. NO costly Service Contract to purchase.
It is JHMC Robotics policy to furnish phone support 24/7/365 to all our Handler systems at no charge. This ALONE can save you thousands of dollars over the life of the controller since there is no yearly service contract to buy in order to get help if needed.

Plus many other Standard features.

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